• Embedded systems programming
  • Desktop applications for testing, debugging and managing
  • Hardware-software simulators of an external control systems


  • Electrical circuit development
  • PCB tracing
  • SHF devices
  • Design developing and mechanical calculations
  • Modifyication and optimization of existing facilities
  • Research and design and development work


  • Design and realization to order of all digital devices on a FPGA base by Altera and XiLinx companies
We develop and produce electronic devices, as well as provide technical support to our customers. Our company provides such services as design, circuit development, SHF and software. A key focus of our activities is engineering of hardware-software systems and tools for their effective debugging and testing. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in radar systems, ship control systems and power supplies development. Founded in 2011, we have successfully completed over than 50 projects and established partnerships with customers, suppliers and manufacturers.