• Embedded systems programming
  • Desktop apps for testing, debugging and managing
  • Hardware-software simulators of external control systems
  • Measurments automatisation


  • Electrical circuit development
  • PCB tracing
  • Microwave devices
  • Product design work and calculations
  • Reverse engineering


  • Digital devices, based on FPGA chips by Altera and XiLinx
Since 2011, we have developed more than 100 different devices, including ones for shipbuilding, military-industrial complex, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, IT security, robotics, ornithology, meteorology and the IoT.
  • За что заказчики нам платят?

    What our customers are paying for?

    • For the transformation of their ideas into working devices, in strict accordance with the task, schedule, and budget
    • For professionalism and creativity
    • For technological solutions
    • For attention to details
    • For comprehensive documentation and respect for standards
    • For secure storage of secrets
  • Что нам поручают?

    What do they engage us in?

    In the development of devices from scratch
    or in the individual tasks, such as:
    • Preparation of the Technical Assignment
    • Design engineering
    • Schematics development
    • PCB tracing
    • Embedded software development
    • Development of debugging tools
    • Staging for production
  • Нам хорошо знакомы

    We are well acquainted with:

    • MCU ARM Cortex-M(0-4), A8, STM8, Atmel AVR
    • FPGA Altera and Xilinx
    • USB, CAN, RS-485 (422, 232), I2C, SPI, 1Wire, current loops, Ethernet, SATA
    • GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN
    • LED, LCD, e-ink, MEMS, various sensors
    • FreeRTOS, TI-RTOS, ChibiOS, Linux
    • TCP/IP from Ethernet to HTTP, FTP, DNS
    • Encryption SSL, AES, SHA


  • Ivan Larionov

    Ivan Larionov


  • Pavel Larionov

    Pavel Larionov

    IT Director

  • Ilya Stolyarov

    Ilya Stolyarov

    Software developer

  • Dmitry Shishov

    Dmitry Shishov

    Circuit engineer

  • Elena Larionova

    Elena Larionova


  • Pavel Vorobyov

    Pavel Vorobyov

    Commercial director

  • Dmitry Lisin

    Dmitry Lisin

    Software developer

  • Anastasiya Shishova

    Anastasiya Shishova

    Software developer

  • Fedor Zhook

    Fedor Zhook

    Circuit engineer

  • Vladislav Gabov

    Vladislav Gabov



  • The main distinguishing feature work of LLC "Third Pin" is high organization and efficiency of employees organization, readiness quickly respond to change circumstances.

  • We recommend OOO "Third pin" as a reliable and stable business partner.